About us

Clever Cultures is founded on a belief that everyone is entitled to a happy healthy and long life free from ailments that can be solved or prevented through a basic dietary choice supported by healthy natural supplements.

Probiotics literally means ‘for life’ in Greek. Probiotics are a type of bacteria taken as a supplement by millions of people to support a healthy body from the inside out. There are many variations of ‘friendly’ bacteria and our supermarket aisles are always stocked with liquid probiotics products such as yogurts. There are thousands of medical journal papers that highlight the positive impact these healthy bacteria can have on us. An increasing number of doctors, nutritionist and health professionals now recommend probiotics to their patients.

The shortfall of a probiotic drink is the fat and sugars included in their ingredients and that they require refrigeration. We have looked to provide an alternative that gives the best possible combination of strains to combat different issues with no fillers, no calories, no fat and no sugars and no need to keep chilled.

Our probiotic capsules are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free. They are tasteless and can even be opened and sprinkled onto food.

There are many different strains of healthy bacteria. The most positive research and therefore the most popular strains include the various Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteriums variants.

We have complete belief in our probiotics but, as with everything in life, there will be the unlucky few who will not benefit from taking them. All we ask is that you take 2 tablets per day with food and if you truly do not see any benefit within 60 days, we will give you your money back.

We know that our probiotics work, but our customers like to hear from other customers rather than from us. So, when you have seen the benefit of taking Clever Cultures Probiotics for yourself, please drop back in and tell us your story so we can publish your good news for all to see. Maybe your testimonial will convince the person with Athlete’s Foot, IBS or severe dry skin that they should give Clever Cultures a go. We know you won’t look back!